Sunday, 26 February 2012

To solve your problems, think outside the box

Forget about Tony Buzan and his mind-mapping techniques or Edward de Bono's Lateral Thinking approach.  What you need is to put your brain in its right perspective to be able to think outside the box to solve either your marketing or sales problems, the Malaysian way.

Throughout my working career, I have often been put in sticky situations where even my fellow managers would remark that it would not be possible for me to have the matter fixed, so why not just give it up.  I didn't.  Instead I persisted  on the matter as I felt that there must be a way to overcome the problem, and all I need to do is look around in my mind for the answer.  This is why I enjoy Marketing the most as it allows me the room to be creative and to allow my mind to explore the horizons.  To put it simply, we only use 10% of our brain.  There is so much more to explore in the remaining 90%.  So why leave it to waste?

Edward de Bono's Lateral Thinking tends to be too wordy for some, but putting it into a nutshell, my own concoction that is, here is a little story of how lateral thinking works to solve a problem.  Remember, until now, you, me and all the people around us are doing what we called, vertical thinking.

Once there was a wealthy Arabian sheikh who had a tremendous interests in well bred stallions.  In the immediate neighbourhood, there were two horse breeders who have the horses that the sheikh was looking for.  One day, he approached the two horse breeders that he would like to buy one of their horses.  Immediately, the horse breeders protested saying that their animals were not of the fine breed, lacked grace and did not have the ability to run fast, something the sheikh was looking for.  Despite the assurance that the sheikh would pay them a handsome price for the horse, the two horse breeders still refused to make the trade.  Not giving up, the sheikh proposed to the two men.  "We will solve the problem this way.  We will have a race.  Whoever comes out the winner, I will take the horse.  A will ride the horse belonging to B, and B will ride the horse belonging to A." [QED as they say in mathematics].

Look at the picture, another lateral thinking technique in solving a problem in today's world ....
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