Saturday, 4 February 2012

Surviving a slump in sales

  • Note your strengths.  Jot down your good points and recall recent sales successes.
  • List likely prospects.  Call on present clients; canvass territories where you've had previous successes.
  • Try out new ideas.  Add a new approach to your presentation; attempt to sell new products; try a new close.
  • Increase the number of client calls and keep track of the number of calls you make; increase the number of calls each week and each month.
  • Focus on the positive.  Read uplifting mentally inspirational material to improve your attitude and self-concept.
  • Do cold calling.  Stay on your toes in your selling skills by facing and challenging the unexpected.
  • This is the age of social networking and blogging.  Start getting connected!
  • Start paying more attention to your present clients.  The closer you are to them, the easier it is to obtain referrals.

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