Wednesday, 8 February 2012

CASE STUDY : KFC, is this what you called 'Service'?

A KFC employee was seen punching a customer in the face before dozens of hungry waiting patrons. He was seen doing so moments after his co-workers confronted the patron en masse.

Uploaded on YouTube on Feb 6, a 28-second video showed the fight allegedly taking place at KFC’s I-City outlet in Shah Alam. Early in the video, several of the blue-shirted employees charged out from behind the counter, gesturing threateningly at the customer.

“Sekarang nak apa! (What do you want now!)” several of the workers shouted at the customer, both of whom were separated only by two frantic-looking women.

One of the workers was seen pushing back his colleagues in an attempt to calm them down, and stopped a man who seemed to be running towards the customer.

Just then, one of the workers suddenly brushed past the others and socked the customer in the face, before grabbing him around the neck and kicking him into a nearby table.

The women screamed as other patrons at the outlet looked on, stunned. The perpetrator was then quickly led back to the counter area by a female employee.

According to YouTube user Jess6366, who uploaded the video, the attacked customer had apparently been waiting for more than an hour for his fried chicken.

The user said that when it came to the customer’s turn, he was informed that there was no chicken left, prompting the customer to demand an apology from the manager.

Jess6366 wrote that one of the workers allegedly told the customer: “Kalau mau makan, buat sendiri lah babi (If you want to eat, make it yourself, pig!)”

The video caused an outcry to erupt on Facebook, with many outraged at the fast-food boxer’s antics.

“Kenapa perkerja kfc selalu keluar video, banyak pasai lo.perkerja kfc ini nampak samseng betul.sikit disiprin pun tk dak,teruk betullah. (Why do KFC workers always come out on video?)

[They have] so many problems. These workers look like gangsters…not even a little bit of discipline. This is terrible,” said one Criss Khoo.

KFC investigating the incident

Criss may have been referring to a July 5, 2011 video which allegedly showed KFC employees wiping spilled oil and squeezing it back into what appeared to be a fryer

“100% salah pekerja… anggap la anda semua pelanggan… Bayangkan anda pergi KFC bukan makan percuma.. mesti anda bayar kan. kalau pekerja layan anda seperti diatas.. adakah anda akan kata pekerja itu betul dia laku kan keatas anda,” said Mohd Nizan.

(“This was 100% the fault of the workers. Imagine if they were all cusomters. You don’t go to KFC to eat for free. You are paying. What if a worker treated him like that? Would you say that the worker was right in what he did?”)

Other comments however, appeared to side with the workers, asking for viewers to see if there was a different side to the story.

Chang Yew Sheng said: “I had been working at KFC Genting Klang for almost a year (and) from my experience, some customers are real rude to us. But then we must also be patient with them with (keeping in mind) the policy (that) customers (come) first.”

Chang added that the workers may have been depressed or overworked, blaming bad management and the slashing of company benefits.

“Aku faham perasaan pekerja 2 (I understand how the workers feel),” said Hafizul Skys.

“aku yg kerja kat pizza selalu je jumpa customer yg cam 2. semua x fhm, fikir la. kteorg ni manusia bknnya robot. semua nak memaksa. (When I worked at Pizza [Hut], I’ve met customers like this. They never understood [my situation]. We are human beings, not robots. The customers are always so forceful.)”

“klu kteorg lmbt service sekali pun ada sebabnya. klu dah dari pagi kerja smpi ke malam mmg la penat. aku kdg2 rasa gak bengang ngan customer sbb semua x reti nak memahami kitaorg yg bekerja ni ni. (There is a reason if our service is late. If we work from morning until night, of course we get tired. I sometimes feel very angry with customers because they don’t try to understand our working conditions)”

[Source: FMT]

So, for you people in marketing, what are your suggestions to KFC to solve the problem?

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