Thursday, 28 July 2016

The QUANTUM Sales Management System is launched.

At last, after almost 12 years of careful research, the Quantum Sales Management System was finally launched on July 20 2016.

The delay was regrettable as much study had to be given due to the dynamic changes in sales management today as well as the willingness of the sales personnel in embracing such system as part of their work culture.  Next, a partner had to be sought, one who has the aptitude to collaborate on such a project especially in the field of programming, to program the system, and on this we welcome Infotree Sdn Bhd (a member of the Ikram Group) to the team.

How does the system work?  Basically, it operates on four simple forms, i.e. the Weekly Planner, the Daily Sales Report, the Prospect Information Sheet and Call Objective Form.  However, these four forms are so well integrated into the system that they are hardly seen at all but the Sales Personnel will be using them, nonetheless.

The system has two sections :

Section 1 : For use by the Sales Leader, whereby he will set the tone and direction for the sales team -
1.1 The number of calls per day
1.2 Determine the call ratio for a certain period, e.g. New Account:Follow up Calls.  Depending on the sales situation of a period where sales are not doing well, the Sales Leader might want to set the Call Ratio at 80:20 percent, i.e. 80% on New Account and 20% on Follow-up Account.  However, in Key Account Management, the ratio may be reversed, e.g. 20:80, i.e. 20% New Account and 80% Follow-up Account.  Once the ratio is set, the Sales Personnel will then begin to plot their sales calls as such.  Any deviation will prompt the system to alert the user that he is not within the parameter of the required calls.
1.3 The system also allow the Sales Leader to dictate the number of visits per client for the staff.  This is to time manage the staff so that they will not waste productive time on unproductive prospects.
1.4 The Call Objective section is for the Sales Leader to highlight to the Sales Personnel the kind of products that needed to be sold in the market.  This will help in moving slow stock which in return help in inventory management.  The other objective is to ensure the Sales Personnel to cross sell company products.

Section 2 : For use by the Sales Personnel to plot their calls for the coming week.  Every item decided by the Sales Leader will be reflected in this section which must be abided by the Sales Personnel.  It will start with the Weekly Planner and then their Daily Sales Report.  Any deviation will be picked up by the system and staff will be alerted.


1.  In the past, as well as present, hard copies are being used in sales planning and reporting. This will now be a thing of the past especially in this age of technology. Companies can now go paperless.
2. Sales Personnel can now do their reporting wherever they may be, even in a mamak shop or kopitiam.
3. Senior management staff, e.g. CEO, ED and/or GM can now view the staff activities and give timely decision to assist them in closing the sale.  However, the senior staff are not allowed to make comments other than the Sales Leader.  They can only view the plan and report, and they do not need to wait for the staff to complete their written report (which might take days) in the office to have it then called for review.
4. Sales Leader can now use the report to execute public relations exercises with new prospects.
5. Sales targets henceforth can be seen as achievable.
6. Staff confidence level will be boosted as they now have a sense of direction in pursuing their sales objectives.

System Effectiveness
 This is a tried and fully tested system used in a club, bank and trading house environment where the writer used to manage. It can also be applied in other kind of businesses.

Suitable for :

  • Securing new acccount
  • Key Account Management; and
  • Managing The Dealers

Current Users :
1. QP Industries Sdn Bhd
2. Protasco Trading Sdn Bhd

Billy Ong (seated second from left) with the technical support team.  On his right is Business Associate, Regina Ng.

The above is just a gist of what the system can do.  For a free demo, without any obligation, you may contact the following :

Billy Ong
Handphone no: 012-688 4989

Regina Ng
Handphone no: 016-288 3091

Or Email us at:


In the final leg of the preparation before the launch, the blogger (designer) and the programmers sitting down for one last check.

Billy Ong reviewing the flow of the system

Yes, it is working

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