Wednesday, 27 January 2016

6 Rules of Change

As the world evolves at a rapid rate today, people must embrace change.  Not to do so is futile for the world will just pass you by and before you knew it, you will be left far behind.

Esther Derby is quite right when she says people don’t resist change, they resist coercion. From our experience, when people understand the compelling reason why for change, feel actively involved, share the vision and are guided by trusted, inspirational leadership then change becomes “effortless”. Change happens one person at a time and by nurturing change amazing results happen.

People who are in the sales profession, hardly had the time to think about change due to their hectic schedule.  Everything they do has become a 'habit'.  But change must happen or otherwise one day they will be wondering why customers are no longer buying from them.  Sales leaders must drive the change with innovative ideas in order to stay relevant in the market place.


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