Monday, 5 August 2013

Twelve things we can learn from Steve Jobs

1. Experts are "clueless". They'll only ask you to do better sameness. Usually they're not your customer.

2. Customers cannot tell you what they need.  You can ask customer about how to make a revolution better, but you shouldn't ask them how to create a revolution.

3. Biggest challenges beget the best work.  Give your team big challenge, They'll give you their best work.

4. Design counts.  Design does matters, make it looks good.

5. Big graphics and Big fonts.  Keep your slides simple.

6. Jump curves, not better sameness.  To create revolution, do things that's 10 times better.

7. "Work" or "doesn't work" is all that matters.  Just make it work, don't stuck on things.

8. "Value" is different from "price".  Create unique product, and make it valuable.

9. "A" players hire "A" players.  "B" players hire "C" players. Always hire people who's better than you.

10. Real CEO can perform demo of their own product.  

11. Real entrepreneurs ships. Don't worry, be crappy.

12. Some things need to be believed to be seen. You have to believe in what you're to build, not to see it to believe.

To start a great company,  it's not about solving big or small problem, start with "Wouldn't it be cool if...?" 

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