Thursday, 29 November 2012

Appraisal Guidelines

As December approaches, many companies will be carrying out their appraisal or evaluation exercises on their staff.  Some of the interesting things that I have observed when I was the appraisee, there seemed to be a lack of preparation on the part of my superior, or amazingly, they were not even sure how to appraise me as a sales person or a marketing person.  There was even a lack of understanding of the standards set for me which was, shockingly, disputed during the exercise.  That left me, needless to say, in a very awkward position.  Now, as a consultant, I would like to share some simple guidelines with fellow managers so that the staff will be adequately rewarded (or not rewarded) for the contributions they made during the year.

The guideline :

An appraisal exercise is a remedial exercise for the staff, and if it is found that there are shortcomings on the part of the staff in terms of skills, both parties must agree to a remedial plan [or development plan] to correct or enhance the skill, and that is via a series of training programmes.  The following prescribed form must be signed by both parties, the appraisor and the appraisee, and to later submit to the training department for the scheduling of training programmes for next year.

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