Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Are you a manager or a leader?

Light a match in a dark room and watch as the light instantly overcomes the darkness. Observe the power and grace of that single, solitary flame dancing with life. Now light several candles or kindle a fire and experience the added warmth and comfort extending from that first, vulnerable flame through others.

This is the heart and soul of leadership - the essence of inspiring others.

It is about courageously casting off fear, doubt and limiting beliefs and giving people a sense of hope, optimism and accomplishment. It is about bringing light into a world of uncertainty and inspiring others to do the same. This is what we call passion, the fire within.

Passion is a heartfelt energy that flows through us, not from us.

It fills our hearts when we allow it to and it inspires others when we share it. It is like sunlight flowing through a doorway that we have just opened. It was always there. It just needed to be accepted and embraced. Under the right conditions, this "flow" appears effortless, easy and graceful. It is doing what it is meant to do. It is reminding us that we are meant to be purposeful. We are meant to be positive. We are meant to be passionate. We feel this when we listen to and accept our calling in life. We feel it as inspiration when we open the door of resistance and let it in.

Inspiration springs forth when we allow ourselves to be "in-spirit," aligned with our true essence. Stop and think about it: When you feel truly passionate and inspired about someone or something, what frame of mind are you in? What are you willing to do? What kind of effort are you willing to put forth? How fearful are you? Chances are, you feel motivated to do whatever it takes, without fear or doubt, to turn your vision into reality. You grow in confidence. You believe you can do it. You are committed from the heart and soul.

So, at the end of the day, we ask ourselves, are we managers or are we leaders?

dManagers administer, leaders innovate.

dThe manager is a copy, the leader, an original.

dThe manager maintains, the leader develops.

dThe manager focuses on systems and structure, the leader, on people.

dThe manager relies on control, the leader inspires trust.

dThe manager has a short-term view, the leader, a long-range perspective.

dThe manager asks how & when, the leader asks what & why.

dThe manager has his eye always on the bottom line, the leader on the horizon.

dThe manager imitates, the leader originates.

dThe manager accepts the status quo, the leader challenges it.

dThe manager is the classic good soldier, the leader is his own person.

dThe manager does things right, the leader does the right thing.

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