Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Emails .... are we writing them right? The new art of communication.

People who are in the marketing and sales professions write to customers, but unlike the good old days where it was done via type written letters, today it is all by email. Despite the fact, the pitfall facing our personnel is the weakness in the English language, but with a little guideline, the email can still appear to be professionally written.

How to compose emails such that they will be read and responded to? How do we grab the readers attention effectively who has a full inbox? Be it business or personal, the knack to draft an effective email is exceptionally useful in responsiveness as well as productivity.

All of us are busy, and we all have received long, equivocal and circuitous email. Many of us have also been regretful of writing such voluble email while soliciting for someone else’s time.

The subject line deserves the equal importance as on the body of the email – Spend Time:

The subject line is as good as a conversation starter to the email as that is a headline is to an article or blog post. The most impressive literature or the most splendid offer in the universe is not going to do any shade of good if the email is left unopened. The subject line with few words are the driving words in the conversation and so they need that extra love.

The best of the subject lines are intended to use a mix of clear importance to the reader - concise prose that’s not too boring or too smart, and gives a thrust to make a move. Picture your busy reader saying ‘So what?’ while floating over a full inbox. What do you think that grabs the interest in split seconds?

Think of a specific problem that we intend to help the reader with offer or email, then elegantly construct the subject line around that. Say, a message about a training and development program might tap into the resentment employees feel in their jobs, we might as well make the subject line “A Way out from dead-ended Career”.

Be it in a subject line or elsewhere, the key to any good content is this: Be sure this is definite enough to be pertinent, but general enough to be apt.

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