Thursday, 28 April 2016

How to Get Prospects To Use You Instead of Their Existing Supplier

How often does this happen? You make a call to a new prospect to introduce them to the idea of using your products and services and they tell you that they already have a supplier with whom they are happy,thank you. Not you, I am sure, but poor salespeople would say, "Oh, that's okay good-bye." They would lose the opportunity of ever doing business with this person simply because they had never worked out what to say, when this objection comes up.

The objection probably comes up frequently too. What if you had the perfect answer to this objection? Then every time it came up, you would have an answer to keep the prospect interested?

I suggest you don't immediately start data dumping all over the customer about how much better your product or service . The best tactic is to show understanding and get the customer talking by asking questions.

Let's explore some different ways of dealing with this:-

Start every answer to an objection with empathy to build rapport.

"That's fine Mr/Mrs ______ I understand that you would most likely have a supplier already." (note you use empathy to build rapport.)

Then continue with the option of your choice below:-

Option 1.

"May I ask who you are using?"

"What is it you particularly like about your existing supplier? (wait for answer)

What else would you like them to do for you to make them absolutely perfect? (wait for answer)

So, if we could do or give you (what they like about their current supplier) and (the thing that would make them perfect), you might want to talk to us further do you think? What time would suit you to get together next week, Monday or Tuesday?"

Option 2.

"What would happen if your current supplier, all of a sudden, could not fulfill your requirements? (or ran out of stock?)" (Depending on their answer, you would continue with:-)

"Howabout we send you our contact details and information about our services so we can be your standby if such a scenario occurs?

Option 3.

"How long have you been using your existing supplier?" (wait for answer and repeat what they say)

"Sometimes it is good to check whether you are paying the right price for services when you have been using the same supplier for a while. Howabout I give you a quote for using our services so you can make sure you are getting the most value for your money? Please note when comparing prices that our products/services also include ........." (add your value here - it may put doubt in their mind.)

Option 4.

"What would have to happen for you to consider changing your supplier?"

Option 5.

"That's great that you are happy with your supplier. When you changed to your current supplier, you must have changed for a specific reason. Do you remember what that was? When you next get around to contemplating a change, what would you want your next supplier to do?" (It may give you a chance to offer what they want.)

Option 6.

"I realise you may not be interested in our services right now but I would love to send you some information about our products/services so you will be well informed for the future."

Option 7.

"I realise you are happy with your existing supplier, so I am not asking you to give us all of your business. I would like you to consider giving us 1% of your business initially, so you have the opportunity to compare our services with theirs and see the difference. How does that sound?

Option 8.

If none of these work for you try this:

"So what do I/we have to do to be able to do business with you?"

It is recommended you put your favourite option on a wall in front of your phone so you will never choke on this objection again!

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