Sunday, 16 August 2015

A Salesman Poem

Sales is a hard profession and a unique profession to spend your life
working in. You work off of your own credibility and merit and you
 have to work for all of your gains. If you’re not out making calls or
talking to people on the sales floor, you aren’t going to meet your
goals. Sometimes this can get tough when it seems like anything and
 everything else is calling your name as a distraction… However,
because of its distinction from other careers… sometimes there are
jokes that only sales people will get. This poem happens to be one
of those things:

Boss, I Got Better Things to Do!

When the sales manager asked the rep, “What are you up to?”
The sales rep replied, “Boss, I got lots and lots to do.”
When the sales manager said, “Shouldn’t you be out making calls?”
The sales rep stared blankly at the office walls.
“Boss, making calls is important, but I got better things to do.
Like letters and proposals… of these I got a whole slew.
I’ve got phone calls to return and paperwork to churn,
Business cards to file and I need to work on my smile.
You gave me a prime territory and I’ll go through it
Once I clean my desk, I will certainly get around to it.
Oh, I’ll make my sales calls, in fact, I’ll make a whole bunch.

But, I’m reserving all my strength for today’s power lunch.
How many calls, Boss, so many it’s hard to tell.
But right after lunch, I’m gonna go out there and sell.
There’s no hesitancy in me, no sir, not one iota.
Just wait till tomorrow, and I’ll show you how to make quota.”

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