Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Is this what you called 'customer service'?

In any restaurant that serves chicken especially as its specialty, it is expected that every customer has the right to choose his/her favourite part of the dish. Not being fussy, we all have our preferences and when service is paid for, customers do expect their meals to be worth every single cent spent, right?
But in a Nando’s chain at IOI City Mall, as made viral on social media yesterday, one customer was labelled ‘Cibai (Pussy)’ for being picky requesting her preferred part of her poultry meal.
It was allegedly reported by various blog sites that the customer had requested for the chicken drumstick when placing an order, but was declined by the waiter.
According to a post by Oh! Media, a friend of the victim came forth and said, “A waiter named Shaqir had said due to crowd that day, he feared that they would run out of drumsticks for other customers too.
“My friend asked if she could speak to his manager, as she insisted that she did not eat chicken breast, only then the waiter gave in to serve her a drumstick,” the source added.
“After paying for their meal, her husband noticed the receipt with ‘Cibai Customer’ printed,” said the source.

Who knows what the conversations were between the customer and the waiter in this situation, but it is clear that the staff at the Nando's restaurant did not really display a ‘smart’ move with the presented black and white proof.

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