Thursday, 9 April 2015

You don't need high tech to solve the problem. Just think out of the box, it helps.

In Japan, in a soap manufacturing company the soap blocks were made, then wrapped in a wrapping paper automatically on an assembly conveyor belt and finally packed in cartons.

Many a time it happened that the wrapping machine wrapped the paper without soap. i.e. you had an empty packet without soap.

To rectify this problem the Japanese company bought a X-ray scanner from the US for $60,000 to check on the assembly line whether the container contained soap and wasn't empty.

A similar problem happened at Nirma soaps, in Ahmedabad in INDIA. Guess what they did?

They bought a bajaj fan costing around Rs.1500/- and placed it on the edge of the assembly line. The empty wrappers, without soaps just blew away!!!

And You Say Japanese are Advanced in Technology.

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