Friday, 22 June 2012

Prospecting for new clients - Part IV

[Continue from Part III]

 How much more sensible and productive to make a list of the companies you want to deal with and focus on them. If you approach them in a way that is not annoying, even if they don't buy this time, you can still go back to them again and again. If you annoy them, you can't approach them a second time.

    After a while, because your approaches have all been appropriate, you will eventually catch them when they have been let down by someone and they will be able to say, 'Well, this person is certainly consistent and they have never wasted my time, and they are always there with a solution even if I haven't taken them up on it. I think I'll give them a try.' And they come to you, knowing you already, even though you've never actually spoken.

    Every message you send out from your office says something about you. And people hear that. They form an opinion about you and they base doing business with you on the opinion they develop. And this happens without you even knowing about it! This is what is so damaging about spam.

So, What will You  Do?

    Why don't you make a concerted effort on less damaging methods of prospecting than spam, and see what those better methods can do for you? Methods that Jack Welch, Lee Iacocca and Oprah Winfrey would use if they had your job to do. 

Update from 'Bill' — "Example B....that is what I am focusing on now, and it gets great results for me. I send it either as e-mail or fax, almost exactly worded as Frederick says. Now I find if I send a few of these a day, with no sales pressure in the text, I get plenty of decent leads to work on. and usually its a pretty hot lead! Now to me that sure beats, 4 hours of cold dials to get a few leads, and it feels a lot nicer!" 

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