Saturday, 7 April 2012

The TEN COMMANDMENTS for a Sales Person

  1. Organise the issues.  Many times you must pinpoint the problem.  Dazzling a prospect with figures may be fine but boil the results down to a comprehensive statement.
  2. Don't belittle others.  Never knock the competition to a prospect.  Instead, explain the advantages that you offer.
  3. Dramatise.  Years of experience have proven that you must sell by personal contact using the world-famous technique-selling through your eyes.  You can't depend on your gift of gab.
  4. Keep records.  Memory has been defined as "the thing we forget with."  So, don't rely on yours.
  5. Create a genuine desire.  There is no use telling prospect how good you product is and stopping there.  Show them how you can save them time, money and effort.  They are more interested in their welfare than in your product or service.  Sell benefits!
  6. Back your words with deeds.  If you promise delivery by a certain date, or your special attention to some details, keep your word.  Your reputation for honesty is part of your stock in trade.
  7. Be enthusiastic.  Enthusiasm is contagious.  Show your prospects you believe in your service and what it can do for them.
  8. Be concise.  No one likes other people to think their time is not valuable, even if they haven't a thing to do.  As a salesperson, your job is to sell.  Every prospect knows that and expects it.
  9. Be sincere.  Take a real interest in your prospect's problems and, if possible, help them.
  10. Don't argue.  Sales are seldom made without first establishing goodwill, and goodwill is never the product of an argument.

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